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We are excited to announce that we will be introducing e-scooters to Granta Park from 3 July!

Making Granta Park car free during working hours will help reduce CO2 emissions, and it’s something we would encourage all tenants to consider.

We understand why people may opt to jump in their vehicle instead of walking or making use of the Granta Park bike loan scheme if in a hurry, but we hope that this trial of e-scooters on the Park will help and eliminate the need to use your car to access facilities such as The Apiary (and have a bit of fun!)

We will have 25 e-scooters available for use and they will be parked at 6 docking stations across the Park. The e-scooters, courtesy of BioMed Realty, are completely free for all tenants to use and a map of where you can use the scooters will be seen on the app during each journey and here.

To use an e-scooter, all users are required to download the Voi app (available for both Apple and Android users) and set it up as per instructions. You will still need to agree to the Voi terms when using a scooter at Granta Park and you will need to return your scooter after use to one of the 6 docking stations which will be shown on the app during your ride and here

Please note that the scooters are programmed to NOT leave site and only be usable on the routes outlined. If you enter a no ride zone or try to leave the park, the scooters will loose power until back in a valid zone. Please only ride on the cycle paths and be aware of pedestrians and vehicles when crossing.