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Operated by The Old Station Nursery Group the Sunhill Day Granta Park® offers a maximum of 90 places between the opening hours of 07:30-18:30, Monday to Friday.

The premises have been carefully designed to offer children a stimulating and exciting environment to play and learn in. Each room has its own secure outdoor area, offering all children interesting and challenging experiences both indoors and outdoors in all weathers. The outdoor areas have been created to develop children’s early science skills, and to help promote children’s creative and critical thinking. 

The Montessori ethos is used, alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Montessori approach focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information by giving them the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. This is based on the deep understanding of the way children learn, through choosing, trying and doing things for themselves. Activities are designed to teach children independence from an early age, including self-serving their own meals, and washing up and tidying up afterwards. 

Sunhill offer both 15 and 30 hours government funding for eligible children, which is stretched across 50 weeks of the year, and also accept childcare vouchers and payment via tax free childcare. 

More information is available online at www.theoldstationnursery.co.uk, or alternatively contact Rosie on 01223 892010. Email grantapark@tosn.co.uk to arrange a visit.