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Granta Park® is currently home to several beehives. The honeybees are owned and managed by a local apiarist with several years of experience.

The hives are located in Lagden’s Grove woods and since their introduction in 2018 the honeybees have settled in extremely well. They are bringing back a variety of pollen which indicates there is plenty for them to feed on within the local area. A bee will visit 50-100 flowers during one trip.

The hives have a fenced enclosure well back from the main woodland pathway. The woodland path is of course still open for those that wish to take a lunchtime walk – we just ask you to keep to the strimmed pathway.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact the Estate Office

There are many good websites that explain the importance of bees and why we should look after them. The BBC guide is a good start.